Family Time

During the holidays my family and I went on a cruise with my sister in laws family, we went my sister in laws house to plan it out.

It started out all great, we first played family games meanwhile my parents were having a conversation with my sister in laws family, it was so fun playing games running around,  time went by and it was already afternoon, so we ate and then we packed up and went to the park to take the dogs for a walk because we already fed them and they had their sleep already.

After taking them for a walk and for a run around the park we putted the dogs in the car and drove to the city, when we got their our cruise was ready for us and it was it was almost dark, so we sat back and watched the view while our parents continued talking and having their own conversation, after we ate and their were deserts and so many seafood so we ate.

Later on we were all tired so we packed up and when we landed on shore we said our goodbyes, then we drove home and it was night time so when we got home we all went sleep, I hope we can we do it again someday.

Why is AI good/bad

Why is AI good/bad


Personally, I believe that AI can be useful for good reasons, and sometimes AI can be bad. AI stands for artificial intelligence and it can be fun for people and we can use it for many reasons.


AI is a good cause. There are lots of reasons that it is great for us, for example it can help us with our writing and it can help us learn new topics and help us with grammar. AI can be bad for many reasons as well and it is so useful for people who are stressed out but will have to be careful with using it too much.


I consider that we may use AI, but we have to be careful and be wise with it because it may cause trouble  and it may make you anxious. We can become depressed. There are so many reasons why AI can be good or bad. I think that if we use AI we can make lots of  things possible.


AI is used mostly for stock images and is used for deep faked videos, some celebrities have been deep faked to look good on social media. Like  Arnold Schwarzenegger for example.

Someone used AI and got  videos of Arnold Schwarzenegger with his voice and face. The next one is Tom Cruise. They even did the same  just like what they did to Arnold.


AI can be scary and good to use but we have to be careful what we do and what we make. I recommend that AI is good and bad at the same time but we have to use it wisely.

Rippa Rugby Tournament

On the 29 of August St Patrick’s School participated in the  tournament that was held in Dunkirk park.


When I came to school everyone that was playing was in their PE clothes, when  some of the children came they brought a supporter that will support us and advise us while we’re walking down, when the morning bell rang all of the people that were playing came straight under the canopy.


After we sat down under the canopy our teacher started to give out instructions, after that our principal came out and started giving out small instructions as well,  after that we standed up and went into two lines, then we started walking down to the gate and when we got there we had to wait.


When we stopped we gave way to the cars to go pass before we can cross, after we crossed we were still in our two lines, we started to walk again and when we were walking we were all excited and some of us were nervous, when we got there we had to wait to see  if any cars were coming, after that we crossed.


After we crossed the road we walked on the footpath and we went down  onto the field to set up our mats, when we were down there he helped with setting up our mats and our PE gear, when we had finished setting up we grabbed a rugby ball and started doing warm ups so we can slowly get our energy up.


After we were all warmed up we were asked by Mr Bell if we can go support the year 3’s and 4’s who were playing, it was Stonefields verses  Glen Taylor,  it was such an awesome game and Glen Taylor had lots of skills in them and Stonefields has strategies, after their game the winner was Stonefields.


After their game it was time for St Pats 1 and St Pats 2 to play our game, my team was versing Glen Brae 3 it was fun and they scored some tries, after the our game was over we went to the coach and the coach said that we won, we were all happy and when we went to to our other team and they even won, we all started cheering each others on.

Then we waited patiently for our other opponents, after they came my team came up with strategies, our opponents were Glen Innes 1 and they were very skilled and they had lots of strategies, it was such a intense game and it was kind of fun, after the game we already knew the other team won so we just cheered them on.


When we walked to our other team we found out that they won against Stonefields. I was so happy for them until we had to play against  each other. It was a great game and I enjoyed it and others enjoyed it, after that we knew St Pats 2 won and I was supporting them.


Then they moved to the grand finals and I was cheering for them so much, they were playing against Glen Brae 2, and Glen Brae was so skilled and good at catching the ball from long distance. It was so intense and it was really hard for St Pats 2 to grab their tags.


After the game, we already knew Glen Brae won and we were happy that we came second, after that we went back and packed everything up and gave back the tags, then we lined up and walked back to school and I was happy that we all tried our best to play.


Next time we know what to do and I hope we can do better. 

How NZ Native Species Have Adapted Over Time.

Animals live everywhere and they have to adapt to live and survive, for example whales were not as big as they were  till now, they had to adapt  into a sea creature to travel the world and find food to eat.

Adaptations are really important for animals and plants, because if they don’t adapt they might die or suffer but for plants they will need water and soil and care for them to survive, because plants bloom when springs start but when autumn comes the plants slowly die.

Huia are extinct because they were haunted by the Maoris and they also did not adapt to survive and to search for their food safely so it was pretty easy for predators and Maoris to haunt it and kill it, this is why adaptations are important for animals.

Kiwi’s are in serious danger and there are about 70,000 kiwi’s left, but if the kiwi’s are able to adapt they may be able to survive against all predators, this is common for kiwi’s to get attacked because they were used to not being a prey.

If animals that are not harmful adapt, predators may not want to attack them, this may be the reason why animals cannot survive in different places, it’s because some animals are warm blooded and will only want cold places to cool them down and cold blooded animals would want somewhere hot so they can be warm.

 Moa were large birds and the could not fly, so when the Maoris came to New Zealand they saw the Moa as food so they started to haunt it and eat it but before the Maoris arrived but there was a haast  eagle that liked haunting it down so the Moa were easily extinct, but if the Moa could of adapted it would probably be still alive till now.

Adaptations are really important and some animals can adapt and some cannot adapt, us humans are so lucky to have objects and items to keep us warm or chilled. 

The Water Cycle


                                                                                 The Water Cycle


The water cycle works in four ways with its evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection, without those steps there will be no water cycle on earth, and the water cycle is very useful to humans and plants.


The water cycle happens because it’s the heat of the sun that starts to evaporate, and then the water that’s on the ground turns into steam and goes into the clouds.


After that condensation starts to take over because the steam that went into the clouds starts to cool down and slowly turns into liquid and  it’s water vapor, and sometimes it can be big raindrops or small raindrops. It actually depends on how much steam that went into the clouds.


After  precipitation takes over the liquid can change into rain, sleet, snow, and hail and it can sometimes be useful and sometimes it can’t be useful just like hail, hail happens when the water is too cold so it freezes the rain drops and turns into hail.


Then the collection takes over, collection is actually the best steps, it’s actually all those steps, it just heats the water and turns it into steam and drops down like rain  and ends up in the sea, the ground and the ocean, and it can be very useful.