Preparing for Athletics Day on 18 November

After morning tea my classmates and I went to the field and met coach Bart and some of us went and grabbed our water  bottles and then  we came right back and sat on the stone wall.  He introduced himself first as coach Bart, and then he gave us some instructions. We played sheepdogs which was so fun but some of the warm up exercises were hard like when we had to bend low, look straight and run on our heels and toes.

Mrs Agnew took some pictures of us while we were all running in a circle around cones. We were playing a game similar to tag but we used noodles. The coach said “don’t hit the head.” We had to hit below the waist or their legs. If they do hit you you have to come out and run 1 time around the square and then you are able to go back to the game.

After that we learned how to sprint. You also have to keep your arms and legs pumping  so it can give you energy while you are sprinting. After we learned all the rules about how to sprint. We played a different game and it was another similar game to  tag and we also sprinted in this game too.

We had to run back and forward  only when coach Bart says “ready set go” but he doesn’t say ‘go’ because he claps. We played another game and it was all about jumping as far as we could. He gave us some beanbags  and he said “jump and where you land place your bean bag there.” It took me a very long time to jump past my bean bag. Then coach Bart said just pump your legs and arms and and swing them and you will feel yourselves jump further. It worked for me.

After that we had to gather all up as a team. Meanwhile room 8 and room 7 came to have their turn, so we  said our good byes and said what we had learned. It was hard to talk because we were very hot and thirsty.

Finally we went back to the path and drank some water and some of us put on our jumpers and put their shoes back on their feet. We were all hot but we got to learn new skills for athletics day. Even though we were all exhausted, we were still happy and I hope we can do that again some time soon.

Here are some photos of us.


Making our class movie.

During term 3 we have been making potato people with all sorts of materials like tooth picks, googly eyes, material. On my potato I  used glue to stick everything down securely. I was so excited to hear that we were making the potato people to use in our class movie. We all came up with good ideas to make our potato people and when we were finished our potatoes looked so awesome.  So now we just had to make the movie props.

Making our own movie was easy because we all took turns on being Director, Camera Person, scene manager,and editor and we took lots of photos and we had to move the potatoes a little bit after each photo. Each time we became the director we all made great choices. We didn’t get to be an editor but we got to  do some of the bits of the other roles to make a movie.  We were all proud of ourselves.

Now we are making our background props. My group  did the party scene and we had to paint and decorate the inside of a party room in a palace. We used small balloons and ribbons and our teacher went and bought some little gift  boxes  and we searched up some photos of party food. We had so much  fun making the party props it was so much fun.

We had to set out the props to make our movie. First we voted for the name for the title of our movie and it was “The stolen princess. Our cyber smart teacher Ms Toland  took each group to the library to make their part of the movie. My group went first and it was so cool. We had to take pictures and use our voices so it could look like the potatoes are talking. We had so much fun  and then we had to go back to class.

I hope my group can do it again and I hope everyone enjoys the movie Rm 6 has made.                                   





How to wrap a present

Introduction: I wrap presents at special time for others.



a hard surface


wrapping paper


Steps needed:

First:Unroll the wrapping paper.

Second:Put your present on the wrapping  paper.

Third:Cut out a bigger wrapping paper than your present.

Forth: Cut 3 pieces of sellotape and stick it onto the table.

Fifth:Fold the side bits up.

Sixth place the sellotape on it

Seventh: Fold the one side up onto the present.

Eighth: Place the sellotape on top of that.

Ninth:Now do the same with the other side.

Tenth: Place sellotape on it to make it hold on tight.


Conclusion:Now your present is wrapped and ready to be given to someone.





Today we were learning how to know what is  fake  and what is legit when we are online.

When we are online it is important to know what is legit and what is fake.

In our story , the moral of our story was never judge the looks of a person because you might not know that the person your blaming  is the good one and the one that your not blaming is the bad one.

Swimming Lessons

Last term  St Patrick’s school went to CLM pool  for swimming lessons for two weeks. I started to swim on the first Wednesday. I was scared and also nervous too. We had to change after lunch time and put our swimming togs on. We had grabbed our towels, goggles and swimming caps and got on the bus. We went swimming and the bus driver was also kind we had fun on the bus we always find a way to have fun with each other.

I felt scared when I got to the swimming pool but after a few seconds I felt brave. Our instructor was Paris and she was nice to me and my classmates. She was very good at teaching us how to float, do backstroke and do freestyle. We had our own lanes, and at the end we had a swimming race .

In the last week we all felt confident to swim by ourselves. We did well at every lesson we did and we could use the boards to keep us on track. Sometimes I felt scared but mostly I felt confident and happy I got to  learn to swim. On the last day we all had fun when we put on life jackets and  we would get pushed into the pool and swim. I learned so many skills to use in the swimming pool.

At the end we got to jump in the pool and we made a big splash which made water go everywhere. Even our towels got wet! After that we said bye to the instructors and  we went to the bus. When I got back to school I felt joyful and I went home happy.


Animations Blog-Lost in the park but got home safely

We have been making Animations on our Chromebooks  in our google slides.


I really enjoyed this because I like it when I watch what have I created.


favorite part was when the sun was going down.


My story is about a family went to the park and the sun was going down then they got lost but they got home safely. The characters name are Dad,Mum,brother and sister.


Ki o Rahi

Ki o Rahi


Last Thursday coach Chelsea came to room 6 to teach  us a new Maori game. We started 

off with a video that told us the Maori legend about the main characters which were Rahi and tiara.

 Meanwhile we had to listen carefully so when coach Chelsea asked us a question  we could answer her. After the video we went outside to play the game but we couldn’t really play the Ki o rahi game because it was raining and coach Chelsea couldn’t set up the equipment so we had to play a tagging game that had two teams. One team was called Kioma and the other team was called Taniwha. It includes running and tagging and in some ways it was similar to rats and rabbits. We had to have a partner and it also had rules . When the game finished we played another game called octopus.  It was easy and fun and also slippery. While we were playing the other class came so they could play too so we had one more round to play. After playing the game coach Chelsea said that she will come every Thursday to teach us ki o rahi and we were all happy and sporty after all that running.