Making our class movie.

During term 3 we have been making potato people with all sorts of materials like tooth picks, googly eyes, material. On my potato I  used glue to stick everything down securely. I was so excited to hear that we were making the potato people to use in our class movie. We all came up with good ideas to make our potato people and when we were finished our potatoes looked so awesome.  So now we just had to make the movie props.

Making our own movie was easy because we all took turns on being Director, Camera Person, scene manager,and editor and we took lots of photos and we had to move the potatoes a little bit after each photo. Each time we became the director we all made great choices. We didn’t get to be an editor but we got to  do some of the bits of the other roles to make a movie.  We were all proud of ourselves.

Now we are making our background props. My group  did the party scene and we had to paint and decorate the inside of a party room in a palace. We used small balloons and ribbons and our teacher went and bought some little gift  boxes  and we searched up some photos of party food. We had so much  fun making the party props it was so much fun.

We had to set out the props to make our movie. First we voted for the name for the title of our movie and it was “The stolen princess. Our cyber smart teacher Ms Toland  took each group to the library to make their part of the movie. My group went first and it was so cool. We had to take pictures and use our voices so it could look like the potatoes are talking. We had so much fun  and then we had to go back to class.

I hope my group can do it again and I hope everyone enjoys the movie Rm 6 has made.                                   





5 thoughts on “Making our class movie.

  1. Grace, It looks like your class had so much fun making this movie. i loved reading your writing and it made me want to read more!

  2. Hi grace that was a wonderful story you wrote
    It is so nice it makes me want to read more of your writing because it is so wonderful
    Keep up the good work
    Well done

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